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  • Edwin Sadasivam
    Edwin Sadasivam

    Edwin is an in-house Paralegal with Del Condominium Rentals Inc. (DCRI), one of the Toronto area’s largest condominium rental management companies. In his decade-long experience with DCRI, Edwin has contributed to the development and improvement of property management processes and procedures. Edwin regularly represents DCRI at the Landlord and Tenant Board and Small Claims Court.
    Edwin contributes to the paralegal community by supervising paralegal students during their placement hours. He enjoys teaching his colleagues about residential tenancy matters and resolving complex disputes that arise from time to time.

  • Sabah Fatima
    Sabah Fatima

    Sabah currently works in-house as a Senior Paralegal at Del Condominium Rentals Inc. (DCRI). She provides advice and guidance to her colleagues in all areas of residential tenancy law and represents DCRI at both the Landlord and Tenant Board and Small Claims Court. Sabah’s prior work experience at a condominium law firm has expanded her breadth of knowledge with respect to how condominium law intertwines with residential tenancy law.
    Sabah regularly contributes to the development of paralegal education programs and has worked with instructors at both Centennial College and Humber College. She was appointed as a member of the Program Advisory Committee at Centennial College in 2019, and often attends Centennial as a guest speaker at student events and paralegal classes.

  • Stephanie Sutherland
    Stephanie Sutherland

    Stephanie is a lawyer with Cohen Highley LLP, practicing in the areas of condominium management and litigation, condominium development, and residential and commercial tenancies. She works with condominium corporations, property managers, landlords, life lease corporations, land lease properties, and co-operatives to help address day-to-day governance issues, resolve disputes, and navigate court and tribunal matters.

    Stephanie is a regular contributor to various industry publications, and a frequent speaker at webinars, seminars, and other presentations about condominium and residential tenancy matters.

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Sep 22 2022


7:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Condominium Law 101: What You Need to Know About Traditional and Condo Residential Tenancies

Speakers Stephanie, Sabah, and Edwin will provide an overview of condominium law. Join them as they discus how the governing legislation affects traditional tenancy agreements versus condominium tenancies, the responsibilities of tenants and landlords, and the appropriate tribunal to address these matters. The program will be supplemented with governing legislation, practice tips, and case studies.

Please note this CPD has been accredited for 30 minutes professionalism.


Part 1: A Brief Intro into Condominium Law

Part 2: Condominiums and Residential Tenancies 

Part 3: Q & A

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