POA Primer and Trial Tips


Presented: April 27, 2019 Location: East York Civic Centre, 850 Coxwell Ave., East York, ON M4C 5R1 Guest Speakers

Grace Condello Paralegal (Neuberger & Partners LLP, Barristers & Solicitors)

Frank Alfano Paralegal  (We Defend You)

Overview POA basics and how they apply to both provincial and summary criminal offences, and the importance of reviewing disclosure, interpreting an offence, and causation at trial.

PLEASE NOTE: You must ENROLL to gain access to all reference material under the ‘Resources’ section below. This program contains 2 hours and 30 minutes of Substantive content.

What Will I Learn?

  • This program contains 2 hours and 30 minutes of Substantive content
  • Basics of the Provincial Offences
  • Withdrawal from the record
  • Different types of offences – Strict, Actus Reus, Mens Rea
  • Causation and at the affect it will have on a legal decision
  • Different types of intent
  • Assessing a case during its lifetime
  • Witness Statements
  • Legal drafting
  • More confidence when you practice in provincial and summary offences

Topics for this course

1 Lessons2h 30m

POA Primer and Trial Tips CPD video

POA Primer and Trial Tips – April 27, 20192:30:00

Material Includes

  • Crim fact scenario
  • Examination-in-chief handout
  • Objections handout
  • R v Lifchus 1997 3 SCR 320
  • WOOLMINGTON Appellant And The Director of Public Prosecutions [1935]